2013 | White Rock Portrait Photographer

How could I ever even begin to pick favorites?So many fun sessions this past year. Many I can share and many I can’t, ¬†however here are a few that I enjoy.

It could be the light, or the situation or the person in the image or even the reason for the session.  There are so many reasons a photograph will mean something to the viewer. I do hope that they provide memories for the people in them.

This past year I had the fun of taking images for my dance family friends, I was able to witness an amazing athelete high in the trees of Redwood Park, and I photographed many special friends both little and big. I had casting calls and took intimate images of gorgeous women for themselves and to give as gifts to the ones they love. I also met a new furry friend Gertie, witnessed people in the middle of their love stories including one very special young woman, and also watched while love stories grew into families. I even had the honor of photographing some of my favorite photographers!

I look forward to meeting and working with many more people this coming year and to take some photographs just for fun! Watch for a casting call coming soon on my facebook page. For now here is a little peek into the past 12 months of memories.

IMG_0205IMG_0369bwIMG_0002 IMG_0826 IMG_0932 IMG_0993 IMG_1198 IMG_2542 IMG_2719 IMG_2843 IMG_2857bwIMG_3205 IMG_3161bwIMG_3236 IMG_3267 IMG_4655 IMG_5264bw IMG_5693 IMG_5804 IMG_6425 IMG_7598IMG_7745 IMG_7646IMG_7773bw IMG_8227 IMG_8459 IMG_8982 IMG_9856bw langleyphotographerweb whiterockportraitphotographer_0139 whiterockportraitphotographer_0141 whiterockportraitphotographer_0142 whiterockportraitphotographer_0143Be Beautiful | Be Incredible | Be YOU

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