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As many of you know one of my favorite subjects to photograph are dancers. Having two young dancers myself  and being around the dance community I have the opportunity to marvel in the beauty of dance. Recently I did a casting call for Ballet on the Beach and had an overwhelming response. It was very difficult to choose so I decided to narrow down the call to those that are in my immediate dance family.

Patrick is a talented young man who graduated from our dance school two years ago. He was part of a dance troupe who amazed the audience with their talent and musical theatre flair. It was an emotional day when everyone said goodbye to that amazing team of dancers. We all bet on Patrick to hit Broadway and some point in his career. A big goal thrown on him by his fans but quite honestly its because he is simply talented.

Samantha is pure beauty and grace. A long time dancer who was part of the same amazing troupe mentioned above and a talented instructor we are very lucky to have her lead our girls for the past two years. Miss Samantha was an easy choice as I had the opportunity to photograph her before and she is a natural in front of the camera. I was confident that she would be able to help bring my vision together.

During our session we made our way to the trestle. Just weeks later the trestle was removed and replaced. Very thankful to have to opportunity to photograph it before this long time piece of history and artwork was removed.

Throw these two in front of the camera, add their passion for dance and their connection as friends and fellow troupe members and finally bring us to White Rock beach, my favorite place on earth, during the most amazing sunset and this is what happens.

THANK YOU Mr Patrick and Miss Samantha. Hope you enjoy your images.

“And you shall find upon the beach the traces of my dancing” ~ Stella Benson

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Be Beautiful | Be Graceful | Be YOU

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