Ms B | Portraits and Boudoir | White Rock BC

“I really thought of you with the start of a New Year. You have, perhaps unknowingly, played a really important part my life. First with the family photo’s the year that our son was born. Then 2012 an absolutely amazing year for me. I love the boudoir photo’s and the entire experience, that marked a really huge amount of change in my entire life and a strength, beauty and peace that I found in everything. Then the family pictures that we all adore. The kids talk about you, the park, and how much fun they had.
I really appreciate everything and I am looking forward to the next photo shoot with you, whatever that may be for… _
Thank you Carol. You are a wonderful person with this amazing warm, calm, easygoing spirit in you. You have an incredible gift as a photographer” 

Ms M | Boudoir Portraits | Langley BC

“Uhhmmm..WOW… Really – WOW!!!!
I have no words….
The images are just GORGEOUS Carol! You are amazing….
How to choose?
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” 

Ms S | Boudoir Portraits | White Rock BC

” You have given me an opportunity to celebrate my body and who I am as a woman. For that I am forever thankful. ” 

Lauren and Devon | Love Story | White Rock BC

“I have been SO excited to see these photos and to be honest- I am practically speechless! They completely exceed our expectations, we LOVE them!!  Thank you so much for the amazing experience, I am so happy that our paths have crossed again. We could not be happier with the results!!!! You have made our decisions so much easier, I just can’t thank you enough! “


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